I love the smell of deleted code in the morning.

Kilgore: Smell that? You smell that?

Lance: What?

Kilgore: Deleted code, son. Nothing in the world smells like that.

Kilgore: I love the smell of deleted code in the morning.

Ah, the joys of a good re-factoring session that leads to deleting tons of code that is no longer needed. The code is now leaner, meaner and easier to maintain.

My apologies to Robert Duvall, Sam Bottoms, Francis Ford Coppola and the rest of the Apocalypse Now filmmakers.

LicenseKeeper Preview

It’s been awhile since I last updated you on the progress of LicenseKeeper development. Things have been moving forward quite nicely.

Since the last update, the LicenseKeeper icon design was finished by Mike Rohde. Working with Mike is always fun and I’m very happy with the results:

Starting last week, I now have the time to really polish up the LicenseKeeper user interface. As a small sample here’s a before and after comparison of the LicenseKeeper products source list:



The subtle change from a multi-column products source list to a composite cell source list cleans up the look and feel quite a bit to my eyes. The change also serves to simplify the table’s sorting. I really didn’t see a need to sort by version number since version numbers don’t make sense across products.

I also added in a nice gradient highlight for selections. Again another subtle feature many modern OS X applications are now featuring.

Hopefully, these changes help provide a more pleasant user experience while you manage your software license information.

Casino Royale

I haven’t been this excited about a new movie in a long time. Maybe, it’s because I recently started reading the Ian Fleming books. Maybe, it’s because we get a new Bond; one that is rumored to be more real; one that is dark and less of a cartoon character.

The initial reviews are fantastic and the previews are intriguing. Here’s hoping that Casino Royale and Daniel Craig can revitalize a great movie series and character that had lost its way and died another day.

Cocoa Developer Job Board

The fine folks over at Panic have add a new Cocoa Developer Jobs Board to their CocoaDev.com site.

If you are a company looking for developers they have a “Grand Opening” coupon available for $50 or 30 days.

If you are a Cocoa Developer, there are several positions already listed. Even Apple is on board.

UPDATE (Nov. 16, 2006): It looks like everyone is jumping on board. MacSlash has added there own Mac Job Board (also powered by JobCoin) — though, currently there are no listings.

New Quartz Tutorial

Scott Stevenson has written up a great new tutorial: Introduction to Cocoa Graphics (Quartz) for his very helpful Cocoa tutorials web site: Cocoa Dev Central.

There is some great stuff here. I truely wish that I had this resource back when I started Bullfrog.

Scott skillfully walks the reader through a simple illustrated overview of the basics of Quartz drawing with Cocoa and Objective-C. He promises there are more tutorials to come, delving further in to the world of Quartz and Cocoa Graphics.