Month: December 2006

  • LicenseKeeper User Interface Refinements

    Over the last few days, as I’ve been working on the help pages. for LicenseKeeper, I’ve also taken the time to add a few minor refinements to the user interface. The changes are primarily focused on the new status bar. One of the things I was unhappy about was how hard it was to use […]

  • Doom, Quake, NeXT and Apple

    John Romero (co-founder of id) has an interesting history write up about developing DOOM and Quake on NeXT computers with John Carmack. They even wrote their original level editors, DoomEd and QuakeEd in Objective-C! Back in 1993 this pre-Cocoa based application allowed them to edit the same DOOM levels simultaneously over their network: In fact, […]

  • Automatically Index your Help Book with Xcode

    A simple way to improve your workflow and minimize human error while authoring your application’s help book is to automate the indexing of your help pages. Xcode provides a simple way to add automated steps to your build process with shell scripts. The Help Indexer tool can be called with command line arguments via a […]

  • Building a Game Engine with Cocoa

    If you are itching to learn some basic game development techniques in Cocoa on Mac OS X, O’Reilly Mac DevCenter has part 1 of a series on building a game engine with Cocoa. Matthew Russell leads you through the development of a Lines of Action (checkers derivative) computer game. In this first part he sets […]

  • LicenseKeeper Nearing Beta

    Work on LicenseKeeper has been moving along very well this past month. This week I’ve reached the feature complete milestone. All that remains before I’m ready for the first beta test phase is writing the help book, testing, working on all the e-commerce bits (store front, demo mode, registration support code, etc.). This morning I […]

  • Cocoa Blogs

    Scott Stevenson announced a new Cocoa blogs aggregator web site: Cocoa Blogs I think this is a great idea and I can’t believe no one did this before. Scott has also been kind enough to link to my “Code Review” article, though he titled it “Learning from Other People’s Code”.

  • Compiling EPS files to PDF files using Xcode

    Peter Hosey shares a great hint to help developers prepare for the future of resolution independence in Mac OS X.

  • .htaccess Tricks

    Need to redirect URL requests? How about protect images and photos from bandwidth leeches? Stupid htaccess Tricks [via 43 Folders]

  • Code Review

    One of the major negatives to programming on your own, especially with a new language or framework, is the lack of an external input to your learning process. Other People’s Code I have been learning Cocoa and Objective-C for over a year part-time and on my own. I have learned enough to get by and […]