LicenseKeeper 0.92 Beta Now Available

Happy Friday,

A new release of the LicenseKeeper Beta (0.92) is now available.

LicenseKeeper Screen Shot

There are many new things this time around:

  • New: Optionally sends Growl Notifications if it is installed and running
  • New:Growl preference in preferences window
  • New: Copy key (serial number) to clipboard toolbar button
  • New: Copy Key menu item
  • New: Special Case Email Scanning code for Liquid Ledger
  • New: Special Case Email Scanning code for The Missing Sync For Palm
  • New: View menu
  • New: Developers menu item for opening the Developers management sheet
  • New: Customize Toolbar menu item
  • Changed: Added note stating autosave frequency changes will not take effect until restart.
  • Changed: Remove Application Toolbar button artwork
  • Changed: Updated help book to reflect changes up to this release
  • Fixed: Email Scanning code to skip html tags around serial codes
  • Fixed: Developer name field on the developer sheet now gets focus after clicking the ‘+’ button
  • Fixed: Application name field now gets focus after adding a new blank record
  • Fixed: Save menu item would get stuck in a disabled state.
  • Fixed: LicenseKeeper Help menu item text

If you have the Software Update settings to auto-update, then you should see this download the next time you start your current version of LicenseKeeper.

As always I’m looking for all feedback: good, bad, ugly, etc. Even if it’s a small typo in the Help documentation or a small enhancement that would make life a bit easier.

Again, thank you for your time and effort in helping me to complete LicenseKeeper and get closer to release.

LicenseKeeper Beta 0.91 Released

Originally promised for Monday morning, but the Leopard Tech Talks pushed this back a bit. Sorry, bad planning on my part.

LicenseKeeper 0.91 is out the door and should show up the next time you start the application, if you have opted in to the Check for updates feature. There are a bunch of new features and fixes this time around:

New Features

  • Auto-Save: Your data will now be automatically save to disk on a customizable frequency. This is defaulted to 5 minutes.
  • Email Scan: Automatically scan imported email for serial numbers or registration codes.
  • Launch Application: You can now launch applications directly from within LicenseKeeper
  • New Toolbar Buttons: Import Email, Import Document
  • AddressBook Integration: Registered name, email, and company are optionally defaulted to your “Me” AddressBook entry.
  • New Artwork: All toolbar buttons have new artwork.
  • Preferences Window: Preferences are now user editable via multi-paned preferences window.

Bug Fixes

  • Developer information was sometimes not saved when closing the Developer editor.
  • Typo fixed on the Gear Button menu.
  • The default action for New Application is now to import instead of adding a blank record.

Open Issues

  • Help Book: Help is now out of date due to the new features and artwork. This should be fixed for the next release.
  • Wrong 16×16 Application Icon: My graphic designer is working on an updated icon for this size.
  • Please report any issues or suggestions so I can improve the product.

    I’m still looking for more beta testers. If you are interested in Beta Testing LicenseKeeper, please send an email to

    Again, thanks for everyone’s help.

    Boston Leopard Tech Talk

    I’m slowly recovering this morning from the long day of excitement, passion, and learning yesterday. Apple brought the Leopard Tech Talks to Boston (Dedham actually) and with it hundreds of passionate local Mac OS X developers. I had no idea there were so many in the New England area. Until yesterday, my whole Boston area Cocoa world encompassed the local Cocoa Heads chapter.

    Because of the NDA I can’t really say much about what Apple presented, but it was well worth the time. Like many others, my mouth is watering with the idea of moving to Leopard only development as soon as possible. Leopard definitely has the feel of a developers’ release as opposed to the very much user oriented Tiger release.

    As great as the Leopard talks were, one of the most interesting parts of the day was chatting with other local developers. I got the chance to talk with some promising student developers from North Eastern University. There were developers working for state agencies, some were working on interesting research projects utilizing Cocoa and OpenGL, many were “getting back in to development”, and there were plenty of rock star developers about.

    If you have the chance to attend one of these or similar events, definitely make the effort. Your time will be well worth it.

    Development Update

    I’ve been pounding away on the keyboard fixing bugs, changing the way some features work, and even adding some cool new things to LicenseKeeper over the past few days.

    I’ve received some fantastic feedback over the last couple of days through the private beta. Thanks to everyone who is helping out.

    There are a couple of things I need to finish up and the next LicenseKeeper release (0.91) should be ready to go out the door Monday morning. For those of you using the Auto-Update feature you’ll get notified when you start up the application. I’ll throw up an announcement here when the new disk image is ready for download for those of you with the auto-update turned off.

    LicenseKeeper Closed Beta

    LicenseKeeper is ready for a closed beta cycle. If you are interested in participating, are able to provide detailed bug reports, and willing to spend a bit of time and effort; please sign up by sending an email to Beta Closed or sign up on the LicenseKeeper Mailing List.

    As thanks, you’ll get a prestigious mention in the credits and the opportunity to help steer the direction of LicenseKeeper.

    Beta is now closed — LicenseKeeper has been released and is available for download.