TheAppleBlog: Serial Number Storage Roundup

Josh Pigford of the TheAppleBlog: Serial Number Storage Roundup

It’s a good overview of the available products in the same market space as LicenseKeeper:

LicenseKeeper ($19.95) – One of the most full featured options available, this one really is the king of serial/license storage. While the interface is deceivingly simple (that’s a good thing), it really does have a lot of great features. One thing it does, that the others do not is give you the ability to attach both license files and emails to the application, which is extremely useful.

Thanks Josh for picking LicenseKeeper as your favorite.

Wanted: Beta Testers for LicenseKeeper 1.1

It’s that time again. I am looking for a few volunteers to help beta test the next version of LicenseKeeper. Specifically, I’m looking for people who use either Microsoft Entourage or PowerMail.

A note of caution: This is beta software. If you are uncomfortable installing software that is not production ready, please do not volunteer. Testing this software will involve moving or backing up your existing LicenseKeeper library. Failure to do so correctly could lead to lost data.

If you are still interested and I didn’t scare you away, please send an email to to sign up. Make sure to specify whether you are an Entourage or PowerMail user and what version(s) you have installed.

This is a closed beta cycle. The public release of LicenseKeeper 1.1 will be available once all testing has been completed.

Otis: Come to the Block Party.

Wonder Warp Software has released a fun little game called Otis.

I had the opportunity to watch from the side lines as Dan Grover worked on Otis. Dan and I are both members of the Boston chapter of Cocoa Heads. Every month we meet and talk shop, share experiences, and demo things we’ve been working on. Dan demoed Otis a couple of times for the group through out the process and it was great fun to see the progress he made over a relatively short period.

With Otis joining his other product, SimpleChord, Dan has a nice start on a successful indie Mac software company — and he’s still in college. Man, I wish I had started this indie dev stuff when I was his age. Yes, I know that makes me sound old.

Lost Registration Number for Downloadable Game?

Jay Barnson asks “What To Do If You Lose Your Registration Number For a Downloadable Game?

We’d previously pulled almost all information and licenses (and serial numbers, etc) from her old system, but we’d missed that one.

I hunted through my emails, and couldn’t find one that had a registration number or license number.

Man, I wonder how long that took. Jay did manage to eventually get the serial number from the game developer, but what a waste of time and energy.

Yeah, there are some serious concerns about what happens if the company supporting the game (or software) goes out of business — will your game be disabled and no longer playable? But by comparison… I couldn’t find my CD-key for a retail game I’d purchased some months ago. Until I found it again, I was pretty much S.O.L.

This is exactly why I created LicenseKeeper. Jay, if you’re on a Mac, take it for a spin.

If hunting for the serial number and then having to request it from the developer took Jay an hour and he values his time at say $50 / hour. Plus the cost of the software: estimated $20.

Cost of Recovering Registration Codes:

Cost Without LicenseKeeper: $50 + $20 = $70

Cost With LicenseKeeper: $20 + $20 = $40

Savings: $30

I’m not even taking into account the amount of time Jay spent trying to collect all the serial numbers that he did find. If LicenseKeeper saves you from just one Registration Code Hunt, it has more than paid for itself.