Month: March 2007

  • TheAppleBlog: Serial Number Storage Roundup

    Josh Pigford of the TheAppleBlog: Serial Number Storage Roundup It’s a good overview of the available products in the same market space as LicenseKeeper: LicenseKeeper ($19.95) – One of the most full featured options available, this one really is the king of serial/license storage. While the interface is deceivingly simple (that’s a good thing), it […]

  • Wanted: Beta Testers for LicenseKeeper 1.1

    It’s that time again. I am looking for a few volunteers to help beta test the next version of LicenseKeeper. Specifically, I’m looking for people who use either Microsoft Entourage or PowerMail. A note of caution: This is beta software. If you are uncomfortable installing software that is not production ready, please do not volunteer. […]

  • Otis: Come to the Block Party.

    Wonder Warp Software has released a fun little game called Otis. I had the opportunity to watch from the side lines as Dan Grover worked on Otis. Dan and I are both members of the Boston chapter of Cocoa Heads. Every month we meet and talk shop, share experiences, and demo things we’ve been working […]

  • Lost Registration Number for Downloadable Game?

    Jay Barnson asks “What To Do If You Lose Your Registration Number For a Downloadable Game?” We’d previously pulled almost all information and licenses (and serial numbers, etc) from her old system, but we’d missed that one. I hunted through my emails, and couldn’t find one that had a registration number or license number. Man, […]

  • Mac App Checklist

    A ton of work goes into developing software. There is much to do before an application can be released to the public. Whether open-source or closed, a polished application is much nicer for the user. Domain of the Board gives us a nice checklist to ready software for release on the Mac.

  • Tips for Independent Developers

    Nick Bradbury, creator of HomeSite, TopStyle, and FeedDemon recently started publishing a series of valuable tips for independent software developers. Good stuff from someone who as been through the process successfully — more than once. [link via]

  • Red Orbit Review

    Thanks to a Google search, I just found that Craig Crossman published a great review of LicenseKeeper on his Computer Column for Red Orbit. I just recently appeared on Craig’s nationally syndicated Computer America radio show and had a great time chatting with him.

  • Guy Kawasaki Video

    Guy Kawasaki speaks on The Art of Innovation in a video published by Microsoft’s Small Business Summit. This is the first time I’ve heard Guy speak and he definitely has a great style. Very inspirational, informative and funny. [via My Micro-ISV] He’s definitely sold me a copy of one of his books.

  • LicenseKeeper on the Radio

    If you missed me on Craig Crossman’s Computer America this past Friday night, you can still listen in through the show archives: LicenseKeeper on the Radio Update: Computer America has graciously allowed me to host a copy of the show and you can find my interview starting at the 27:45 mark.  

  • Coding Horror’s List of Top 10 Lists

    A nice collection of programming related top 10 lists. …some good things to keep in mind while you go about your daily programming.