Month: April 2007

  • Neat Little Mac Apps

    I’ve been planning to put together a ScreenCast to introduce LicenseKeeper and give a short overview and tutorial of its features, but I haven’t had the time quite yet. Until I do get the time, you may want to check out episode 38 of NeatLittleMacApps, where Frank De Graeve reviews LicenseKeeper and steps through many […]

  • Virginia Tech Memorial Fund Charity Sale

    On May 2nd, Outer Level will join several other independent Mac software developers in raising money for the The Virginia Tech Memorial Fund to help honor and remember the victims of the April 16, 2007 tragedy. The fund will be used to cover expenses including but not limited to: Assistance to victims and their families […]

  • MEDC 2007 Worst Practices

    Quite the contrast between MEDC 2007 (Microsoft Mobile & Embedded DevCon) and what I experienced at the Leopard Tech Talks recently. Sadly funny and very revealing. [via]

  • CocoaCast Interview

    Daniel Jalkut and I took part in an informal discussion with Russ from the CocoaCast about our thoughts on Leopard, learning Cocoa, and ideas for the upcoming CocoaCast group project. It was a ton of fun and Russ shared some really interesting beer to keep us from getting thirsty and to help us loosen up […]

  • Handle Core Data Model Changes

    In last night’s Boston CocoaHeads meeting, we had an interesting discussion of the pros and cons of Apple’s Core Data persistence framework. It was interesting to hear about how people are using this great technology. One of the biggest concerns that came up with using Core Data is how to handle changes to your Managed […]

  • LicenseKeeper Adds Entourage and PowerMail Support

    LicenseKeeper 1.1 has been released. You can download it here: or use “Check for Updates” under the main LicenseKeeper menu. Entourage and PowerMail users can now take advantage of easy software license management for the Mac. Import and auto-scan email for serial numbers with one click of a button. What’s New in LicenseKeeper 1.1 […]

  • Save 1Passwd License Cards

    There has been a ton of talk the last few days about the new 1Passwd license card. Essentially, they have taken the idea of a file-based license key to the next step. Instead of using a text-based or binary file containing a user’s license information, they are using an image file. It is similar to […]

  • macCompanion Gives LicenseKeeper 4 Stars

    The macCompanion e-Magazine reviewed LicenseKeeper in their April Issue (Page 50 – the PDF index is wrong in my copy). Strenghts: A one-stop-shop for licenses and supporting documentation. Weaknesses: Does not import Emails from non Email programs. No password protection for itself. Well, not to worry. Version 1.1 is coming and it adds full […]

  • Ironcoder V Winners

    Ironcoder V has announced their winner and “notable” entries. Congratulations to Ben Gottleib and his “WikiPath” Wikipedia screensaver.

  • LicenseKeeper makes news in Seattle

    A few weeks ago I did an interview with Craig Crossman on his nationally syndicated Computer America radio show. Well, Craig also wrote up a great review of LicenseKeeper and his article has been making the rounds. I pointed out the appearance on a few days ago. Today, the same article has appeared on […]