Bullfrog 2 Update

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last Bullfrog 2 post. Unfortunately, development has gone a bit slower than originally anticipated due to work on other projects.


Over the past few days I’ve been moving code from the old Bullfrog game engine to a new Xcode 3 project for full-bore development to begin on Leopard.

Yes, we’ve made the decision to make Bullfrog 2 a Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) only product. There are just too many things in Leopard that we really want to use.


As I mentioned in the last update, I’ve been learning OpenGL and working towards converting the Bullfrog engine from the old Cocoa drawing code. Today, I checked in my changes that have officially started us down the OpenGL path.

Our green hero is now fully hardware accelerated and I have resolved my earlier transparency issues.


The next step is heavy refactoring of the game engine. Bullfrog was my first Cocoa / Objective-C project and the structure of the code definitely reflects that.

Now that I have significantly more experience in how a Cocoa-based project should be structured, we’ll spend a couple of weeks moving code around and getting our foundation in order.

This will allow for multiple developers to work inside the project as well as make the code generally more maintainable.

Just the Beginning

We’re still very much in the preliminary development stages with much design work still to be done. But, it’s a good feeling to move forward on this project.

Software Bundle for Cancer Treatment and Research

Mac Software Bundles offering Mac software for sale at crazy low prices have been all the rage in the Mac community as of late.

Many of you have asked when LicenseKeeper would be included in a bundle or be offered at a discounted price.

Your chance has arrived to purchase scores of Mac software products at a huge discount off their retail price.

Seth Dillingham has announced the 2007 PMC Software Auctions to raise money for his ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge. The Pan-Mass Challenge directly benefits the Jimmy Fund, for the research and treatment of cancer at Dana-Farber.

Seth is making theme-based bundles available for auction through ebay. Each bundle is worth over $1,000 and contains over twenty products.

Most of us have been or will be touched by cancer at some point in our lives. Here is a great opportunity to help find a cure and get some great Mac software.

Now this is a bundle sale I can happily support!

LicenseKeeper 1.2.2

New release, new bug fixes, and a couple of minor additions:

Release Notes

  • New: Added “Refresh App Info” and “Refresh All Apps” to contextual menus.
  • New: Purchase Date is auto-set to serial number email’s received date.
  • Fixed: Purchase Price format localization
  • Fixed: Some App Icons get corrupted upon App Info Refresh.
  • Fixed: Replace app icon doesn’t delete the old icon file
  • Fixed: Windows-1252 Encoded Email displays incorrectly.
  • Fixed: “Entourage Email Message” files are now recognized as email.

Download LicenseKeeper 1.2.2

MacApper Review and LicenseKeeper Giveaway

MacApper has posted a favorable review of LicenseKeeper 1.2 on their daily Mac-related blog.

To help get you guys talking and help with suggestions, I’ve partnered with MacApper to give away three free licenses to LicenseKeeper.

Bonus! Outer Level Corp. has agreed to give away three free licenses for LicenseKeeper. All you have to do to win is post a comment with new features you would like to see in the next version of the app. You have until August 14th at 9 AM EST to enter. Winners will be randomly selected and announced in one week!

Help drive the future direction of LicenseKeeper by letting me know what you need to help manage your software serial numbers and license information.


Fellow Boston-based indie Mac developer, Dan Grover, has just released his third product, ShoveBox.

ShoveBox is a very cool application that lets you quickly capture bits of information you encounter during your work day.

Several times a day I’ll come across a URL or information that I want to read and grok later but don’t have time to concentrate on it now.

ShoveBox gives you an inbox-like place to capture these items to be dealt with later, when you have time to concentrate on them.

LicenseKeeper 1.2.1

Discovered a few issues with the 1.2 release. Use “Check for Updates” to get the update or download it directly: LicenseKeeper 1.2.1

Release Notes

  • Fixed: Crash upon library upgrade.
  • Fixed: Minor memory leak
  • Fixed: Library Migration Window remains open but with “completed” message
  • Fixed: Typo on Email Scanner preferences pane.

LicenseKeeper 1.2 Released

LicenseKeeper 1.2 was released this morning. This version brings a new user interface along with some great new features.

This is a free upgrade for all currently registered LicenseKeeper users. Use “Check for Updates” or you can download the update directly from the LicenseKeeper product page.

I want to thank all of my awesome beta testers for their hard work, time, and great suggestions.

What’s New in LicenseKeeper 1.2

  • User Interface Makeover
    The user interface gets a facelift giving LicenseKeeper a fresh clean modern look.
  • Refresh App Information
    You can now update an application’s information with a click of a button. No more looking for an application’s new version and Icon.
  • International Currency Support
    Track software purchases in U.S. Dollars, Euros, Yen, Pounds, or your own local currency.
  • Search your Notes
    In addition to searching your data by Product Title and Publisher, you can now find your valuable information by searching through the notes field.
  • Huge Attachments
    LicenseKeeper no longer limits the size of your attachments. Go ahead and organize installation packages, disk images (DMGs), and zip files with the rest of your information.
  • Attach Web Archives and More
    You can now attach and view Safari web archives to your records along with all kinds of other files.
  • New Serial Number Scanning Engine
    The scanning engine has been completely rewritten to provide significant performance and accuracy improvements.
  • And More
    Version 1.2 improves LicenseKeeper in dozens of other ways including bug fixes and other minor improvements.