Month: November 2007

  • New Podcast: The Business of Mac Software

    A few days ago I mentioned The Mac Developer Network and their great lineup of podcasts. Well, Steve Scott (Scotty) has added yet another podcast to the mix: MacSB: The Business of Mac Software. The MacSB podcast focuses on the business issues of developing Mac software. The show takes an interview format where the host […]

  • The Mac Developer Network

    From the creator of the Late Night Cocoa podcast comes The Mac Developer Netowrk ( and the new Mac Developer Roundtable podcast. The Mac Developer Network (MDN) is hoping to become your first port of call for all things to do with Mac Development. Scotty has done a wonderful job with Late Night Cocoa over […]

  • LicenseKeeper: Top 10 Mac Utility for 2007

    Circle Six Design names LicenseKeeper as one of their top 10 Mac Utilities in 2007. LicenseKeeper simply lets you add an application and record some metadata for it, including purchase price, links, and a license or serial number. It can attach files and emails. In fact, my favorite feature is the email scanner, which will […]

  • Quick Tip:

    The new on Leopard finally delivers tabbed command line goodness to Mac users. It is a welcome feature that I’ve been using with gusto. But, if you use the new Terminal with any sort of regularity you’ve probably run into the confusing situation where you have multiple shell sessions open in various Terminal windows […]

  • LicenseKeeper and Leopard

    I’ve received a ton of email asking if LicenseKeeper runs on Leopard. The answer is Yes. LicenseKeeper 1.2.4 is fully compatible with and ready for use on Apple’s newest operating system Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Having said that, new operating systems have a tendency to change how things work under the covers. While I’ve […]