LicenseKeeper 1.3 Adds Printing and Text Exports

After a long development cycle, LicenseKeeper 1.3 is finally ready. This new version greatly improves Leopard compatibility and adds a host of frequently requested features.

LicenseKeeper is immediately available for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard). The LicenseKeeper free trial is fully functional, but limited to five products with three file attachments each.

A LicenseKeeper single-user license costs just $19.95 and is a free upgrade to all previously registered customers.

LicenseKeeper 1.3 Release Notes


  • Detailed Reports: Print selected product, all products, and attachments.
  • Export to plain text with delimited values
  • Auto Fill from AddressBook profiles (Auto, Home, Work)
  • Search by Registered Name
  • Search by Registered Company
  • High resolution Leopard ready application icon.
  • Serial Scanning performance improvements
  • Attachments can now be sorted by Name or Date.
  • Leopard friendly Status Bar.
  • Redesigned Library Upgrade progress window.


  • Help Book
  • Latest Sparkle Plus software update framework


  • Type ahead on Open/Save sheet.
  • Type ahead on product and attachment lists.
  • Drag and Drop images directly to attachments from Safari and other browsers.
  • Drag & Drop images from Safari and other browsers to App Icon well.
  • Drag & Drop images to App Icon well on Tiger
  • Drag & Drop app import showing overlaid app icons on Tiger
  • Serial scanning for PotionStore email receipts.
  • Serial scanning wrongly grabbing phone numbers.
  • Print is now disabled for non-printable attachments
  • Drag and Drop license file to register Hazel
  • Crash when trying to rearrange attachments using drag & drop
  • Crash if the application support and cache paths are longer than 1024 characters
  • Removed logging debug messages to the console
  • Importing applications and refreshing their info resulted in different sized icons
  • Crash while migrating library.
  • Scanning LiquidLedger serial number
  • Serial Scanning would cause LicenseKeeper to hang on certain emails
  • Crash related to threading issues between auto save and importing apps.
  • Products list not scrolling to imported application on Leopard.
  • Duplicate application entries when importing multiple apps at once.
  • Importing email with attachments got broken by Leopard Mail.
  • Attachments are now selected upon import.
  • Allow license file to be attached inside a batch of drag-and-drop attachments.
  • Selecting an attachment is very slow.
  • Viewing php file attachments.
  • Viewing of Base64 encoded email attachments.
  • Resizing attachment window does not scale PDF.
  • Email with no subject was displayed as raw source.
  • Signed Email doesn’t parse correctly.
  • Printing Legacy style Email would sometimes cause a crash.
  • Printed Legacy style Email missing subject, to, and from values.
  • Freeze while scanning FileSpot registration email.
  • Scanning GarageSale serial number.
  • Scanning DiscCover serial number.
  • Scanning VMWare Fusion serial number.
  • Tabbing through fields causes weird status bar drawing glitch on Leopard.
  • Dragging images / files on to Image Well doesn’t update values immediately.
  • Auto save displays error messages during library import.
  • Updating product icon leaves old icon cache file behind.

LicenseKeeper 1.3 Development Status

A customer recently asked “Is LicenseKeeper still under active development?”

This shocked me in to realization that I haven’t released a LicenseKeeper update since October. Nor have I been very good at keeping you up to date on development progress for the next version.

Never fear, LicenseKeeper is still under very active development. Version 1.3 is still in private beta testing, but it’s nearly ready for release.

Because you have been so patient, here is a highlight list of what you can expect in the new version.

Detailed Reports

Print detailed reports listing all information related to your software.

Export to delimited text files

Want to view your data in a spread sheet? Export to a comma separated or tab delimited plain text file ready for direct import into Excel or Numbers.

New Search Options

In addition to Product, Publisher, and Notes, you can now search by Registered Name or Company.

Registration Profiles

Autofill your registration information directly from your home or work AddressBook entries.

Improved Leopard Compatibility

  • Improved integration with Leopard Mail
  • New Leopard ready application icon
  • New Resolution independent status bar