LicenseKeeper 1.3.2 Released

LicenseKeeper 1.3.2 adds drag and drop application import to the LicenseKeeper dock icon, adds several new formats to the Serial Number Scanner, and fixes a few minor issues.

This is a free update for all registered LicenseKeeper customers. Check for Updates inside LicenseKeeper or download it directly.

Release Notes

  • New: Import Applications by dragging to LicenseKeeper dock icon, even when not running.
  • New: Attach/Import toolbar buttons now have + badge.
  • Fixed: Serial Number Scanning SpeedDownload.
  • Fixed: Serial Number Scanning DiskWarrior.
  • Fixed: Serial Number Scanning Changes.
  • Fixed: Serial Number Scanning codes containing forward slash.
  • Fixed: Status bar redraw bug.
  • Fixed: Send Feedback now includes LicenseKeeper version in subject.

Changes 1.0

Another indie Mac developer has entered the fray. Ian Baird of Skorpiostech has released his first application, Changes.

Changes 1.0 brings screaming fast file and directory comparisons to your Leopard desktop — and it’s pretty.

Changes features integration with BBEdit, TextMate, and Xcode and supports your favorite version control system (Subversion, Git, Mercurial, etc).

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VoodooPad 3.5

Developing software requires a ton of tools. The better the tools, the more efficient you can be.

One of the most important things I do, day-to-day, is keep track of ideas, thoughts, and design details related to projects I’m working on. It’s not enough to just log tickets in a my bug tracker system to remember what I’m doing, but I also need to keep track of why and how I’m doing things.

My tool of choice is VoodooPad by Flying Meat. It’s a desktop wiki application for the Mac that is easy to use but has all the power you need to do the job.

You put your brain in it.

Flying Meat just released version 3.5 of this great application, introducing a bunch of new features.

LicenseKeeper 1.3.1

Small LicenseKeeper update to fix a few minor issues.

Release Notes

  • New: Purchase Price currency format now uses currency specific formatting.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop from Entourage.
  • Fixed: Can’t disable export values on Export sheet.
  • Fixed: Serial Scanning Mail Direct Pro email.
  • Fixed: Delete key on Attachments, tries to incorrectly delete the product.