Month: December 2008

  • The App Store Effect

    Paul Kafasis (Rogue Amoeba) writes about The App Store Effect on iPhone software pricing. If developers could charge a price lower than 99 cents, there’s no doubt that some would, and the price curve would shift even lower. Update (Dec. 28, 2008): Daniel Jalkut (Red Sweater Software) ads his take in Touch and Go Pricing. […]

  • Code Example: Drawing the iPhone Back Button

    Recently, I had need to provide a back button similar to the one used in Mobile Safari for a consulting project. Many of the buttons used in the built-in iPhone applications are made available via the SDK with built in button types and graphics. Unfortunately, the back button is not one of these. Because I […]

  • Bullfrog Touch Preproduction Artwork

    Mike Rohde posted some of the design work he did for me on Bullfrog Touch. I always find it interesting to see preproduction artwork for games. Mike took the icon that Jordan Langille created and produced the Bullfrog Touch logo which you can view here: Mike also helped design the look and feel of […]

  • TidBITS Names Bullfrog Touch as Top Pick for iPhone Games

    TidBITS readers voted Bullfrog Touch as one of the favorite iPhone Games for their 2008 Gift Guide. The top three vote-getters were Bullfrog Touch, Scrabble from Electronic Arts, and MotionX Poker Thanks to everyone who voted.

  • TidBITS Gift Guide 2008 Survey

    Bullfrog Touch is in the running for Best iPhone Game for the upcoming TidBITS Gift Guide 2008. You can help decide what makes it into this year’s guide by placing your vote. But hurry, the deadline is December 5.

  • uDevGames 2008 Game Programming Contest

    iDevGames announces the start of their uDevGames 2008 contest: iDevGames is proud to announce the start of the fifth uDevGames Mac Game Development Contest! The contest challenges participants to create a Mac OS X game in three months time, which will then be subjected to public vote and peer vote, with the best in a […]