Knapsack 2

for Mac

Retired: This application has been retired and is no longer for sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some common questions about Knapsack. If your question is not answered here, please send us an email to .

What's new in this version?

Check out the release notes for details.

How do I backup Knapsack?

We recommend that you use Time Machine to automatically backup your entire Mac to an external drive on a regular basis. Your backup should include the Knapsack database and preferences file. Knapsack uses the standard Mac OS X locations for storing its data:

  • Knapsack Database:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Knapsack
  • User Preferences:

You should have received an email from our store (sent from "Outer Level") containing your License Key and Receipt. If you have Knapsack installed on your computer, just click on the "Click Here to Activate Now" link in the email and you're done. Knapsack will automatically launch and register itself. Easy, huh?

OK, I got the email, but the License Key link is not clickable. Now what?

If you can't click on the "Activate Now" link, you can copy and paste the license key:

  1. Select the full text of the license key
  2. Choose Edit > Copy
  3. Launch Knapsack
  4. Choose Knapsack > Register Knapsack
  5. Choose Edit > Paste
  6. Click the Register button

I've lost my license key, can you send it to me again?

Sure thing. Just head on over to our lost-license retrieval page, enter the email address you used to purchase the license, and your license key and purchase receipt will be re-sent to your email address.

How do I sync to iCal, iPhone, and MobileMe?

The iCal integration released as part of Knapsack 1.1 provides a simple way to get trip information to and from iCal, iPhone, iPod Touch, MobileMe (formerly .Mac), and anything else you may have synced with iCal for use while you're traveling. Any changes you make in a synced device (iPhone, iCal, MobileMe, etc) while on your trip will be synced back when you return home and relaunch Knapsack.

To sync a trip with iCal:

  1. Select your trip from the trip list or double-click your trip to open it.
  2. Choose Sync with iCal from the Trip menu.
  3. You can now choose which iCal calendar you would like to sync with. It is recommended that you choose the New Calendar option to keep your trip on its own calendar. You can choose an existing calendar, but any items already existing on your calendar during the date range of the trip will be added to your itinerary in Knapsack.
  4. Click Sync. Now, any changes you make in Knapsack will be made in iCal and vice versa. When a trip is synced, activities on your itinerary will show up as iCal events and to do items on your checklist will show up as to do items in iCal.
  5. Once your trip is complete, it is recommended that you stop syncing with iCal to preserve your trip data. Knapsack will automatically prompt you to end syncing when you open a synced trip which has an end date in the past. You can also choose Stop iCal Sync from the Trip menu at any time.