Bullfrog: Universal Binary Released

The new version of Bullfrog featuring Intel Mac support has been released.

Changes in this update:

  • New: Universal binary support for both PowerPC (ppc) and Intel (i386)
  • New: graphics scoreboard
  • New: Bullfrog Theme Song
  • New: Improved Horsefly AI
  • New: Improved Bee AI
  • New: “Check for Updates” menu item
  • New: Title Splash Screen
  • New: Player can now enter their name for high scores
  • New: Player name is persisted
  • New: Options Menu items
  • New: Options preferences are now persisted
  • Fixed: drawing of frog mouth/tongue on help screen in the wrong place
  • Fixed: Increased bug points
  • Fixed: high score column layouts to support bigger scores
  • Fixed: Occasional invalid animation frame error
  • Fixed: Mosquito Sound FX Does Not Mute
  • Fixed: Ticking doesn’t stop at end of round
  • Fixed: Butterfly spawn area so they always spawn on screen
  • Fixed: Removed the “Vote Now” main menu item
  • Fixed: Removed the “Don’t Forget to Vote” text on credits screen

Download the full Bullfrog game for free!