Month: June 2006

  • Organization of Independent Software Vendors

    ISVs unite! The OISV looks like a great idea. It offers a central place for independent software vendors to share knowledge and experience and to learn from others. The OISV is a co-operative of software developers, marketers, distributors, and retailers that combine their thoughts and ideas to create better software and practices for everyone. The […]

  • C++ vs. Objective-C

    What are the differences between the programming languages C++ and Objective-C? What are the fundamental approach and philosophy differences? I just found this old, yet informational article “C++ Versus Objective-C” on MacTech. It appears to have been written during the old Rhapsody days, but the information contained within is pretty interesting if you are new […]

  • Image Leeches

    For some reason several of my sites were recently infested with image leeches. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or not, but every one of these blood suckers were users of the MySp* (link purposely not provided) service. My first reaction was to rename the images so that their links would break. Granted this is […]