Bullfrog Mystery Feature Revealed

In my last entry, I announced that the Bullfrog 1.2 release was delayed due to a new “critical” bug and a new super secret feature I have decided to implement for this update.

The “critical” bug has been squashed and all that remains is the new mystery feature.

This morning I finished up a rough and dirty prototype of a new Online Scoreboard. I thought it would be fun to have a little friendly competition between Bullfrog players of the world.

So, I’m officially announcing the big feature of Bullfrog 1.2: the Online Scoreboard.

When a player achieves a personal high score, Bullfrog will optionally check the online database over the internet to see how the score fairs against all other submitted scores. Players will be able to recheck their global rankings at anytime to see if anyone has out done them. Scores will also be viewable via your favorite web browser from a link on the Bullfrog product page.

If all goes well, this shouldn’t push this release out too much further.

Unfortunately, my weekend diversion has taken a bit more time out of the LicenseKeeper development schedule than I had originally planned, but I should be back on track shortly.