LicenseKeeper Nearing Beta

Work on LicenseKeeper has been moving along very well this past month. This week I’ve reached the feature complete milestone.

All that remains before I’m ready for the first beta test phase is writing the help book, testing, working on all the e-commerce bits (store front, demo mode, registration support code, etc.).

This morning I began work on the LicenseKeeper help book. As part of this process, I’ve been taking screen shots of the user interface in various states of use. I thought I would share the one I’m currently using on the help slash page (this may change prior to release).

So here, for the first time anywhere is the first full screen shot of LicenseKeeper:

What you see in this image is the main LicenseKeeper window and the attachment viewer window. LicenseKeeper not only tracks your application and registration information, but it also retains your emailed purchase receipts, license files, and any other files you may want to store along with an application’s record.

Attachments are stored inside the LicenseKeeper’s CoreData database, safe from accidental loss or deleted email. Attachments can be exported back to disk any time you like.



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