LicenseKeeper Beta version 0.94

After a very crazy week, LicenseKeeper Beta version 0.94 is ready for download and testing. If you’ve signed up for the private beta program, you can download this release from the same location as the past releases.

There are some significant new features this time around:

  • Library Export
  • Library Import
  • App Import now works with non-bundle software: Games, Microsoft Office, and RealBasic programs.

As always, if you have any suggestions, bug reports, or questions… please send them my way.


If you haven’t run LicenseKeeper since before version 0.93, remember that 0.93 broke compatibility with earlier versions of the library and will crash upon launch. You need to delete your old library and preferences. Just drag each of the following to the trash. The “~” character is UNIX speak for your home Folder.

  1. Folder: ~/Library/Application Support/LicenseKeeper
  2. Folder: ~/Library/Caches/LicenseKeeper
  3. File: ~/Library/Preferences/com.outerlevel.LicenseKeeper.plist

Do not run the old version again, otherwise you’ll need to delete these folders and files again.

Release Notes

— Build 0.94 [ 02/06/2007 ] —

  • New: XML Export (backup)
  • New: Import Library (restore/merge from XLM export)
  • New: Import creates a backup of current Library in Documents folder
  • New: Export will not overwrite existing exports. It will append a “safe” digit at the end of file name
  • New: Import App now works for non .app Bundle programs, such as games, RealBasic programs, and Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.
  • New: Email Scanning for VisualHub
  • New: Email Scanning for DVDxDV
  • New: Scanned serial numbers are now automatically added to clipboard.
  • New: Preference to toggle Copying scanned serial numbers to clipboard.
  • New: Attempts to determine developer/publisher name & email from common settings in App Bundles (Standard Bundle Settings, SmartCrashReports, HDCrashReporter)
  • New: SmartCrashReports integration (if it is installed)
  • New: Minimim System Version Check: 10.4.8
  • New: Open/Import/Export Panels now remember the last path used.
  • New: Remove Attachment Toolbar button (in customize toolbar pallet).
  • Changed: Users can no longer delete the LicenseKeeper application record.
  • Changed: Cleaned up the registration/purchase menus.
  • Changed: Moved Attachments menu items to a new Attachments main menu.
  • Changed: The Attach Email and Attach Document menu items and toolbar buttons are now always enabled.
  • Changed: Attaching Email or Documents causes attachments view to be displayed
  • Fixed: 16×16 App Icon
  • Fixed: Export–>Selected Attachments sheet changed from “Open” to “Choose Folder”
  • Fixed: Tabbing Order
  • Fixed: Dragging only 1 file on to attachments view no longer displays Growl notification

— Build 0.93 [ 01/29/2007 ] —

  • New: LicenseKeeper Service and Support Help menu item
  • Changed: CoreData Model has changed. This breaks the database compatibility.
  • Changed: Serial Number has been moved up to be a primary field
  • Changed: Developer Sheet has been replaced with a simpler Publisher Tab
  • Changed: Developer/Publisher info is now a simple set of text fields
  • Changed: Developer Toolbar button has been removed
  • Changed: Tab ordering has been changed
  • Changed: Notes field is now on its own tab
  • Changed: Key field has been renamed to Serial Number
  • Changed: Edit–>Copy Key has been renamed to Edit–>Copy Serial Number
  • Changed: Split New Application Toolbar Button into New Item and Import App
  • Changed: Toolbar button artwork
  • Changed: Customize Toolbar Pallet button order
  • Changed: Removed the View Menu
  • Changed: Renamed Application Menu to Product
  • Changed: Removed the Application sortable column header
  • Changed: Moved Check for Updates… menu item down in the menu list
  • Fixed: Tabbing order
  • Fixed: Check for updates button on the Preferences:Updates pane
  • Fixed: Email scanning code fixed to handle spaces, ‘.’, and punctuations inside serial numbers.
  • Fixed: Open Registration file now closes before the “Thank you” alert gets displayed.
  • Fixed: Plugged a memory leak in the registration process.