Lost Registration Number for Downloadable Game?

Jay Barnson asks “What To Do If You Lose Your Registration Number For a Downloadable Game?

We’d previously pulled almost all information and licenses (and serial numbers, etc) from her old system, but we’d missed that one.

I hunted through my emails, and couldn’t find one that had a registration number or license number.

Man, I wonder how long that took. Jay did manage to eventually get the serial number from the game developer, but what a waste of time and energy.

Yeah, there are some serious concerns about what happens if the company supporting the game (or software) goes out of business — will your game be disabled and no longer playable? But by comparison… I couldn’t find my CD-key for a retail game I’d purchased some months ago. Until I found it again, I was pretty much S.O.L.

This is exactly why I created LicenseKeeper. Jay, if you’re on a Mac, take it for a spin.

If hunting for the serial number and then having to request it from the developer took Jay an hour and he values his time at say $50 / hour. Plus the cost of the software: estimated $20.

Cost of Recovering Registration Codes:

Cost Without LicenseKeeper: $50 + $20 = $70

Cost With LicenseKeeper: $20 + $20 = $40

Savings: $30

I’m not even taking into account the amount of time Jay spent trying to collect all the serial numbers that he did find. If LicenseKeeper saves you from just one Registration Code Hunt, it has more than paid for itself.