macCompanion Gives LicenseKeeper 4 Stars

The macCompanion e-Magazine reviewed LicenseKeeper in their April Issue (Page 50 – the PDF index is wrong in my copy).

Strenghts: A one-stop-shop for licenses and supporting documentation.

Weaknesses: Does not import Emails from non Email programs. No password protection for itself.

Well, not to worry. Version 1.1 is coming and it adds full support for importing email from Microsoft Entourage and PowerMail.

Password protection is something I’m looking into for a follow-up release. In the meantime, if you really need to add additional security, take a look at using FileVault to password encrypt your entire home directory.

…this is so intuitive… I found I was dragging and dropping and attaching emails like crazy as I discovered how easy this was to do. And I have a little more piece of mind now.

… this app has been a real blessing to me…

Great effort went into making LicenseKeeper easy to use. I tried to eliminate data entry where ever possible and am always looking for ways to make capturing your data as painless as I can.