LicenseKeeper 1.1.1 Released

Version 1.1.1 of LicenseKeeper is now available.

This is a maintenance release that fixes several important issues. It is recommended that all LicenseKeeper users upgrade to this version.

If you have “Check for Updates” set to check on startup you should see the notice the next time you launch LicenseKeeper. If not, you can download it from here:

Release Notes:

  • New: HTML and MIME encoded email is now fully suppported (pre 1.1.1 email is handled as plain text)
  • New: Quoted-Printable encoded email is now fully supported
  • New: Importing Email now automatically imports any email attachments
  • New: Scanning now picks up TO: email address as the registeration email, if a serial number is found.
  • New: Email attachments can now be directly drag & dropped to LicenseKeeper.
  • New: Added “Send Feedback” menu item
  • New: Added disk space checks to library upgrade
  • Changed: Library backup has been rewritten to use straight file system copy instead of data migration for improved performance and safety.
  • Changed: Files larger than 100MB are no longer allowed as attachments.
    (NOTE: Huge files were causing performance and corruption issues, this limitation will be fixed in a future version)
  • Changed: Updated help pages.
  • Fixed: Attachment Printing
  • Fixed: Printing HTML email now prints background colors and images
  • Fixed: New library was not being marked with current version when created.
  • Fixed: Full email raw source is now stored in attachment
  • Fixed: Email w/o content encoding are treated as plain/text.
  • Fixed: Export email attachment now saves the email’s complete original raw source (for email attached in 1.1.1 or later)
  • Fixed: Parsing of email header info would get confused with certain types of header tags
  • Fixed: Improved email header parsing
  • Fixed: Serial Number Scan of BuddyPop format
  • Fixed: Email Scanning for BareBones Super Get Info
  • Fixed: Crash in rare circumstances occurring during check if the LicenseKeeper record is selected.
  • Fixed: Crash while checking file attributes for plug-in type
  • Fixed: Rare crash caused by certain sorting operations.
  • Fixed: Crash during library backup when upgrading.
  • Fixed: memory leaks in library upgrade process
  • Fixed: Print menu is only enabled for attachments viewer.
  • Fixed: Check For “Newer” library versions.
  • Fixed: threading issues in Export to XML