LicenseKeeper for iPhone

Introducing LicenseKeeper for iPhone.

LicenseKeeper for iPhone gives you the ability to access your software licenses on the go. The app syncs with LicenseKeeper for Mac and displays license keys, serial numbers, and registration information along with software titles, versions, icons, and more.

LicenseKeeper for iPhone also provides the option to set a personal passcode used to automatically lock the database when the user is finished viewing their data.

LicenseKeeper for iPhone syncs with LicenseKeeper 1.6+ and requires iOS 4.1 or later, and is compatible with iPod Touch.

LicenseKeeper for iPhone is free and available immediately from the App Store:

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Tweet Library and Making The App Store Top 10 List

Manton Reece talks about successfully releasing Tweet Library and reaching the Top 10 Lists on the App Store:

Refuse to compete on price. I felt so strongly about this that I was willing to launch and fail.

Market the app as something new first and yet another Twitter app second. I believe the key to selling Tweet Library is to focus the marketing around what makes it special: archiving tweets, curating tweets, filtering tweets.