LicenseKeeper and Knapsack Retired

All good things come to an end.

LicenseKeeper was released in March of 2007 and had a good long run as the best app of its kind. It was the first app that I built and sold entirely on my own and it launched my indie career. Unfortunately, the platform and software market has changed significantly since then and it is now time to put LicenseKeeper to rest.

Knapsack was a troubled app ever since I acquired it in 2010. The product had so much potential, but ultimately it suffered from lack of focus. I could never decide whether it should be a travel planning app or a travel journaling app. I spent an enormous amount of time trying to improve the Mac app when I should have been building an iOS app and web presence instead. But, Knapsack suffered most because I discovered that I don’t enjoy planning or even journaling my trips. Sales waned, map services disappeared, and my interests point me in new directions.

Thank you to all of my LicenseKeeper and Knapsack customers over the years. I really appreciate your business, your patience, and your feedback.