Category: Marketing

  • Tweet Library and Making The App Store Top 10 List

    Manton Reece talks about successfully releasing Tweet Library and reaching the Top 10 Lists on the App Store: Refuse to compete on price. I felt so strongly about this that I was willing to launch and fail. Market the app as something new first and yet another Twitter app second. I believe the key to…

  • Manton Reece on Exhibiting at Macworld 2010

    Inspiring statement by Manton Reece on whether exhibiting at Macworld 2010 was worth it or not: I booked my flight the day I realized that the only reason not to go was because I could fail.

  • Marketing Software with Daniel Jalkut and Dan Wood

    I’ve been following a relatively new blog about marketing indie Mac software, written by Dan Wood of Karelia Software (Sandvox). If you’re a software developer, you should definitely check it out. It’s filled with all kinds of experience backed advice. Dan’s latest post is an interview with a good friend of mine, Daniel Jalkut of…