Category: Web Technology

  • New Online Store

    Over the past three years Outer Level has been selling LicenseKeeper almost exclusively through our custom built online store. It was built quickly and supported one product and only one payment method. The store accepted payments by sending customers over to PayPal‘s website using their standard payments system which was hard to brand and was […]

  • New Theme

    Finally, after more than a year and a half of blogging with WordPress I got tired enough of the default Kubrik theme to do something about it. I spent most of today hacking together a basic template that fits into the main site a bit better. Please, let me know if you see any weird […]

  • Website Development Sandbox

    As the official release of LicenseKeeper 1.0 looms near, the new design for the Outer Level website has been in serious development over the past several days. There’s a large list of things to incorporate into a website that needs to sell commercial software. Credit Card processing, Support pages, Product Pages, and lots of marketing […]

  • .htaccess Tricks

    Need to redirect URL requests? How about protect images and photos from bandwidth leeches? Stupid htaccess Tricks [via 43 Folders]

  • Image Leeches

    For some reason several of my sites were recently infested with image leeches. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or not, but every one of these blood suckers were users of the MySp* (link purposely not provided) service. My first reaction was to rename the images so that their links would break. Granted this is […]

  • WordPress 2.0 and MarsEdit 1.1

    Posts now brought to you by WordPress 2.0 and Ranchero/NewsGator’s MarsEdit 1.1.

  • I Think I Need a Web Site Designer

    I have several web sites that need new designs. Two blogs (this one and Make Mac Games) that are still running the default Kubrick WordPress theme My company’s main web site My photography site I’m also in need of an e-commerce shopping cart that can be integrated into the site in both form and function […]