Month: January 2006

  • Wil Shipley on CocoaRadio

    CocoaRadio has an interesting interview with Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster, formerly of Omni Group. Some great stories and discussion about NeXT, WebObjects, Web Apps, CoreData, SpotLight, Memory Management, Microsoft, and the future of Delicious Library.

  • Small Business 101

    37 Signals has a nice series of articles posted on how to start a small business. If you haven’t seen them, they are worth reading. How To Get Started Cash Flow Basics No One Starts With a Masterpiece Tips For Increasing Sales

  • Happy New Year!

    2005 was an interesting year. I’m not going to list all the things that happened around the world that caught my eye, far too many have already published their own lists. For me, 2005 was a turning point. Is a year too big to be a point in time? I don’t know, but looking back…