Apple Boot Camp: Run WindowsXP on a Mac

Apple Boot Camp sounds like a late April Fools joke, but it looks real.

As tempting as this sounds, somehow it just feels dirty.

Is Apple selling out here? What’s this going to do to the Mac games market or the Mac 3rd party software market? It’s one thing to use an Intel chip, but to actually enable and encourage Windows installation and use? This will probably kill off the Aspyr and MacSoft type game porting companies. Why would anyone wait the extra six months to purchase a ported game when you can buy the original when it’s released?

This essentially changes the game. The hacks that were already in the wild are complicated and probably only for the technically adept. Boot Camp seemingly brings dual booting Windows XP to anyone with the time to try it.

Will this be a big hit? I can certainly see the appeal. I myself would love to no longer need VirtualPC for the few Windows only programs I need. Being able to work on .NET development for my clients on an uber-cool MacBook Pro during the day and boot back into Mac OS X for product development cetrainly would be nice. But at what cost?

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