Virtual PC Corruption and an Argument Against Mirrored Backups

This morning I tried to load my trusty Virtual PC on my G5 to do a little Quickbooks work. The usual tedium of paying bills creating invoices, etc.

I started Virtual PC, selected my Windows XP instance and clicked start.

Oh, oh!

No problem, I say. I run nightly backups so I’ll just restore my backed up image and be on my merry way.

One major problem: my backup system mirrors my drives. The last time I ran VirtualPC: last week.

1 + 1 = my backup is corrupt too.

Thankfully, I also backup my Quickbooks database outside the Windows image. Hopefully, when i finally get a new instance up and running I can restore the last backup and be off and running. This should only eat up about four or five hours of my day.

Tasks for Today:

  • Create a new Windows XP instance
  • Restore Quickbooks backup
  • Pay Bills, Send Invoices
  • Find new backup system

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