LicenseKeeper User Interface Refinements

Over the last few days, as I’ve been working on the help pages. for LicenseKeeper, I’ve also taken the time to add a few minor refinements to the user interface.

The changes are primarily focused on the new status bar. One of the things I was unhappy about was how hard it was to use the splitter. With the splitter essentially being 1 pixel in width (that’s the style now a days), it was very hard to use. So adding a splitter handle to the bottom of the page helped this out. Along with this change, I took the opportunity to add the convenience “+” and gear buttons to the mix.

To round out the balance of the application I added a status bar to the right side of the application. Right now it doesn’t do anything other than give the window an aesthetic balance. I originally went with listing the registered user’s name, but found that a bit gaudy. So for now, it’ll remain empty.