LicenseKeeper Beta 0.91 Released

Originally promised for Monday morning, but the Leopard Tech Talks pushed this back a bit. Sorry, bad planning on my part.

LicenseKeeper 0.91 is out the door and should show up the next time you start the application, if you have opted in to the Check for updates feature. There are a bunch of new features and fixes this time around:

New Features

  • Auto-Save: Your data will now be automatically save to disk on a customizable frequency. This is defaulted to 5 minutes.
  • Email Scan: Automatically scan imported email for serial numbers or registration codes.
  • Launch Application: You can now launch applications directly from within LicenseKeeper
  • New Toolbar Buttons: Import Email, Import Document
  • AddressBook Integration: Registered name, email, and company are optionally defaulted to your “Me” AddressBook entry.
  • New Artwork: All toolbar buttons have new artwork.
  • Preferences Window: Preferences are now user editable via multi-paned preferences window.

Bug Fixes

  • Developer information was sometimes not saved when closing the Developer editor.
  • Typo fixed on the Gear Button menu.
  • The default action for New Application is now to import instead of adding a blank record.

Open Issues

  • Help Book: Help is now out of date due to the new features and artwork. This should be fixed for the next release.
  • Wrong 16×16 Application Icon: My graphic designer is working on an updated icon for this size.
  • Please report any issues or suggestions so I can improve the product.

    I’m still looking for more beta testers. If you are interested in Beta Testing LicenseKeeper, please send an email to

    Again, thanks for everyone’s help.