LicenseKeeper 0.92 Beta Now Available

Happy Friday,

A new release of the LicenseKeeper Beta (0.92) is now available.

LicenseKeeper Screen Shot

There are many new things this time around:

  • New: Optionally sends Growl Notifications if it is installed and running
  • New:Growl preference in preferences window
  • New: Copy key (serial number) to clipboard toolbar button
  • New: Copy Key menu item
  • New: Special Case Email Scanning code for Liquid Ledger
  • New: Special Case Email Scanning code for The Missing Sync For Palm
  • New: View menu
  • New: Developers menu item for opening the Developers management sheet
  • New: Customize Toolbar menu item
  • Changed: Added note stating autosave frequency changes will not take effect until restart.
  • Changed: Remove Application Toolbar button artwork
  • Changed: Updated help book to reflect changes up to this release
  • Fixed: Email Scanning code to skip html tags around serial codes
  • Fixed: Developer name field on the developer sheet now gets focus after clicking the ‘+’ button
  • Fixed: Application name field now gets focus after adding a new blank record
  • Fixed: Save menu item would get stuck in a disabled state.
  • Fixed: LicenseKeeper Help menu item text

If you have the Software Update settings to auto-update, then you should see this download the next time you start your current version of LicenseKeeper.

As always I’m looking for all feedback: good, bad, ugly, etc. Even if it’s a small typo in the Help documentation or a small enhancement that would make life a bit easier.

Again, thank you for your time and effort in helping me to complete LicenseKeeper and get closer to release.