LicenseKeeper 1.0.1

The first LicenseKeeper maintenance release has been published. You can download it directly or use the “Check for Updates…” option under the LicenseKeeper main menu.

This is an important maintenance release that fixes several critical bugs. It is recommended that all LicenseKeeper 1.0.0 users upgrade to this version.

LicenseKeeper 1.0.1 Release Notes:

  • Fixed: Crash related to Multithreading and Auto-Save
  • Fixed: Crash on Copy and Paste of HTML or RTF into the Notes field. This fix forces plain text only for Notes
  • Fixed: Not able to preview/edit Emails with ‘.’ in their subject
  • Fixed: Registering LicenseKeeper did not turn off “Register…” menu item in main menu.
  • Fixed: Registering LicenseKeeper places information into serial number field and registration fields
  • New: Added frequently asked questions to help