Licensed to Use

David Zizza has published a great overview of the many options available in the Mac software license management market.

[LicenseKeeper] truly evokes the Mac-ness of software interfaces – Drag and Drop, Spot Light, Toolbar, great use of icons, easy-to-use, etc. An awesome feature is the Attachments, which allows to add highlighted email (such as registrations and receipts) from Apple’s Mail program and copies the email to the application, even parsing the serial number and automatically adding it to the field. How cool is that?

David gives LicenseKeeper very favorable marks — preferring it over all the others, save the lack of printed reports.

While LicenseKeeper does have rudimentary printing capabilities for human-readable attachments (email, text files, PDFs, etc), I had to make hard decisions as to what was to be left out of the 1.0 version. Otherwise, the software would never have been released. But, that’s why we have updates and new versions (stay tuned).

What’s your most needed enhancement to LicenseKeeper? Let me know.



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3 responses to “Licensed to Use”

  1. Karen Avatar

    The one thing that would be useful for me would be the ability to import preference panes in the same way that I can applications.

  2. Karen Avatar

    Reading the article, something that gave a neat interface for recording upgrades and any new serial numbers would be nice. I know I can add it as a note, but it would be better if LicenseKeeper had a more structured way to hold the data.

    Categories for the list would be nice (I’d like to track Palm applications, but be able to filter them out – and the same with Windows ones).

    The most wonderful thing about LicenseKeeper for me is the ability to tie e-mails and other attachments to a program – especially when the program is licensed through a special file. Nothing else offers the ability to link the two items so well.

  3. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Thanks for the feedback Karen. I’m really happy you like LicenseKeeper.

    Support for preference panes, widgets, bundles, and plug-ins is coming in the next release. I’m also looking into Categories, but haven’t quite decided on the best approach quite yet.