What’s Next?

Recently, I’ve been getting questions from customers and friends asking “what’s next?”

It has only been about three months since the release of LicenseKeeper and there is plenty of work to do. I have a whole list of requested enhancements and ideas to get to. And get to them I will.

But, I’ve been keeping an eye looking forward. My long range plans are to publish several products. I fear the “all the eggs in one basket” problem that other indie Mac developers have faced in the last few years.

So, work on the “next great thing” has begun. At this point, it’s only early design work, but I’m already struggling with how much to reveal and how soon to let the cat out of the bag.

Do I go with the “mystery app” buzz builder approach and use a super cool code name to build interest? Or do I keep the whole thing secret until it’s ready for release.

Hmm… What to do, What to do.

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