Where Cat Tales and Dog Dreams Come True

A little off topic, but my sister also runs a small business. Pam started her company a short time ago but has had enormous success selling her high-fasion dog & cat collars, leashes, and harnesses.

She is a great example of someone pursuing her passion and ignoring the naysayers to reach success. Pam left a very lucrative position in the medical/surgical equipment industry to chase her dream.

With just an idea, she started hand sewing her products, hired a web designer, and started marketing her tail off. Now, her products are featured in boutique stores around the country and her business is growing fast.

Lola & Foxy

She recently got a little extra publicity by a blogger in her area when they were nice enough to post about meeting Pam at a recent pet expo.

It’s been fun to watch as my little sister has developed into a savvy business woman in such a short time.

If you need a stylish collar for your pet, check out her online store.