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  • Outer Level Welcomes New Developer to the Team

    As I mentioned in my 2010 End of Year post, it’s been a crazy year for Outer Level. Adding two new products (Knapsack and LicenseKeeper for iPhone) and jumping in to Apple’s new Mac App Store has kept me really busy. So busy that I’ve been struggling to get everything done that I need to. […]

  • New Online Store

    Over the past three years Outer Level has been selling LicenseKeeper almost exclusively through our custom built online store. It was built quickly and supported one product and only one payment method. The store accepted payments by sending customers over to PayPal‘s website using their standard payments system which was hard to brand and was […]

  • Manton Reece on Exhibiting at Macworld 2010

    Inspiring statement by Manton Reece on whether exhibiting at Macworld 2010 was worth it or not: I booked my flight the day I realized that the only reason not to go was because I could fail.

  • Marketing Software with Daniel Jalkut and Dan Wood

    I’ve been following a relatively new blog about marketing indie Mac software, written by Dan Wood of Karelia Software (Sandvox). If you’re a software developer, you should definitely check it out. It’s filled with all kinds of experience backed advice. Dan’s latest post is an interview with a good friend of mine, Daniel Jalkut of […]

  • Happy 9th Birthday Outer Level

    Today, I realized that I’ve been in business for myself for nine years. It took a minute for that to sink in. Roughly nine years ago I quit my last full-time permanent job and went out on my own to do consulting. This was a decision based more on unhappiness with my situation than any […]

  • Starting up with a Friend

    Daniel Tenner shares some great advice for starting a business with a friend (or anyone else for that matter). What could possibly go wrong? It seems like a fool-proof plan: start up with a close friend. You’ll get along (obviously), and you’ll get to share the exciting, fantastic, scary experience of starting up with someone […]

  • The App Store Effect

    Paul Kafasis (Rogue Amoeba) writes about The App Store Effect on iPhone software pricing. If developers could charge a price lower than 99 cents, there’s no doubt that some would, and the price curve would shift even lower. Update (Dec. 28, 2008): Daniel Jalkut (Red Sweater Software) ads his take in Touch and Go Pricing. […]

  • The Village Toy Maker

    Brent Simmons: Advice for Indies You have to work every day. You have to sit in the chair and stay seated. And sleep and come back to the chair. You need to wear out that chair and then buy a new one and then wear out that one. … I shouldn’t even have to say […]

  • Trism developer cashes in on the iPhone

    Yesterday, I posted Mike Ash’s description of the pain involved in submitting applications to the iPhone AppStore. As a counterpoint, Raven Zachary reports (via Twitter) that Steve Demeter has made $250,000 since July 11th with his iPhone game, Trism.

  • Justin Williams: Lessons Learned as an Indie Mac Developer

    Justin Williams on lessons learned in his first few months as an indie developer working on his Mac software, Today. I’ve officially been indie since the end of April and have had varying degrees of success…