Happy 9th Birthday Outer Level

Today, I realized that I’ve been in business for myself for nine years. It took a minute for that to sink in.

Roughly nine years ago I quit my last full-time permanent job and went out on my own to do consulting. This was a decision based more on unhappiness with my situation than any drive to run a business.

My first big client told me that they couldn’t hire me for their project unless I was incorporated. So, after several hundred dollars to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a couple of hours of consultation with a lawyer and accountant, my company was born.

Having no idea what I was doing and certainly no long-term plan, that decision lead me to slowly morph from a one person consulting company into an indie software shop.

Just amazing where seemingly small decisions in life lead you.

5 thoughts on “Happy 9th Birthday Outer Level

  1. Hey Jon, congratulations! See how fast time flies when you are having fun? I just filed my first Mass. LLC annual report, so I have a long way to go. Then again, I still have a day job.

  2. Jon — Time flies when you’re having fun!

    Congratulations on your 9th!

    Next year for your 10th you should have an open house for all your users!


    Dave P
    Dunstable, MA

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