LicenseKeeper 1.1.2

This is a minor maintenance release that fixes a few issues. It is recommended that all LicenseKeeper users upgrade to this version.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed: Crash with embedded HTTPS resources in HTML email
  • Fixed: Some multipart formatted emails were mistaken for HTML
  • Fixed: Repeated “File Too Large” messages on certain email attachments
  • Fixed: Attaching email or files when no product is selected.
  • Fixed: Added “lk_license” as a valid license file extension because of Yahoo Mail munging the file name
  • Fixed: Check for Updates on startup







4 responses to “LicenseKeeper 1.1.2”

  1. Gale Koewing Avatar
    Gale Koewing

    I downloaded LicenseKeeper a few days ago and decided to conduct a trial using 2 “serial #-requiring programs” on L/K 1.1.2. (I’m a mere yoozer so I can’t get very technical, but I’ll try to describe some of my experiences FYI.) After installing the 2 programs to L/K I noticed updates were available for each: good test, thought I. The first, a WP called “Mellel” installed nicely but I got duplicates on L/K when I did the update, and not all the data I’d attached to the original transferred to the update. I manually moved the missing data before deleting the old version and proceeded to #2, “Notebook” by Circus Ponies. This one has left behind a small window titled “LicenseKeeper” which encloses the phrase “Library upgrade completed” and a progress bar that appears to have hung at ≈15% completion. The completed bit of the bar is blue and “wiggly” if you click anywhere within the window it but goes grey if the cursor is used elsewhere (The remainder of the window is always all grayed out, with no way to close it.) I don’t have a clue whether any of this is of any value to you, but here it is for you to do with what you please. Sincerely, Gale K.

  2. Gale Koewing Avatar
    Gale Koewing

    You’re BLOG Archive doesn’t work well either.

  3. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Gale: Thanks for the feedback.

    LicenseKeeper does not associate two applications with the same name and different version as the same product. This is so you can store multiple copies of the same product — in cases where you may have purhcased multiple licenses or when newer versions may require updated license information.

    However, I do like the idea of providing a “Copy” feature to allow for copying from one product version to an other.

    If you want to update the version of your application, you can just edit the version field to match the updraded app’s new version number. Or, you can also drag the application onto the existing entry’s icon on the right side of the window and it will update the app name, version, and any other info it can detect from the application.

    Again, here you point out a possible enhanement. Looks like a new menu option to update an entry’s version information could be helpful.

    As to the “Upgrading” window, it looks like you may have added some data during a library upgrade process. This should not be possible as LicenseKeeper will not open your library until the upgrade is complete. Did you somehow run two copies of LK at the same time?

    Finally, I’m not sure what you mean by my “BLOG Archive doesn’t work well either”. Did you run into a specific issue? If you are refering to the multiple times you submitted these comments, I see your confusion. The blog software is set to not display comments from a first-time poster until they are approved by me. This is to cut down on comment-spam (I get a ton of these).

  4. Geoff Taylor Avatar
    Geoff Taylor

    Hm. Just came across this app and downloaded it. It looks promising. What a great idea!