LicenseKeeper 1.2 Development Update

I just finished work on the last big item on my list of changes for LicenseKeeper 1.2. There are about a dozen small items to complete but they are mostly just loose ends.

Hopefully, next week will consist of testing and handling the inevitable last minute items.

For those of you waiting on some specific changes and bug fixes, I’m sorry for the long wait. This update has some pretty significant architectural changes under the hood that will be invisible to most of you. These changes put me in a good position to add the most popular feature requests in future versions.

But, what’s in LicenseKeeper 1.2 you ask? Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s coming:

  • User Interface Makeover
    The user interface gets a facelift giving LicenseKeeper a fresh clean modern look.
  • Refresh App Information
    You can now update an application’s information with a click of a button. No more looking for an application’s new version and Icon.
  • International Currency Support
    Track software purchases in U.S. Dollars, Euros, Yen, Pounds, or your own local currency.
  • Search your Notes
    In addition to searching your data by Product Title and Publisher, you can now find your valuable information by searching through the notes field.
  • Huge Attachments
    LicenseKeeper no longer limits the size of your attachments. Go ahead and organize installation packages, disk images (DMGs), and zip files with the rest of your information.
  • Attach Web Archives and More
    You can now attach and view Safari web archives to your records along with all kinds of other files.
  • New Serial Number Scanning Engine
    The scanning engine has been completely rewritten to provide significant performance and accuracy improvements.
  • And More
    Version 1.2 improves LicenseKeeper in dozens of other ways including bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Keep an eye out for the LicenseKeeper 1.2 release announcement — coming soon to a web site near you.







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