LicenseKeeper Quick Tip: Backup your data

Managing your software licenses and serial numbers is easy with LicenseKeeper. Your data is there for you when you need it.

But, what do you do when your hard drive dies? How do you move your data to a new Mac or a fresh installation of Mac OS X?

The best way to accomplish this is to backup your LicenseKeeper data and then restore it when and where it is needed.


LicenseKeeper saves two sets of information. Your serial numbers and related data are stored in the following location under your home folder:

~/Library/Application Support/LicenseKeeper

Preferences and settings are stored in a file also under your home folder:


To ensure you have a backup of all LicenseKeeper related data, you’ll want to have a copy of both items in a safe and secure location.

Backing up your data is an essential part of using a computer and it should really be done automatically on a regular schedule to an external or second physical hard drive or other backup device. Personally, I backup everything once a day to an external mirrored RAID. You can never be too careful with your data.


Restoring your LicenseKeeper data simply entails copying your backups to their original locations or similar locations under your home folder on your new computer.