LicenseKeeper 1.2.4

LicenseKeeper 1.2.4 has been pushed out the door. This version takes care of some nagging issues.

Use “Check for Updates” under the LicenseKeeper main menu or download the update directly:

LicenseKeeper 1.2.4

Release Notes

  • Fixed: Purchase Price formats ‘0’ incorrectly to ‘0,0’ on computers using U.S. formatting.
  • Fixed: Email with Text as base64 Content-Transfer-Encoding was not being decoded.
  • Fixed: Attaching an Email with attached DMG not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Hangs While Scanning Noiseware Professional email.
  • Fixed: Hangs while scanning Xyle scope email.
  • Fixed: Serial Scanning for Acorn from Flying Meat.
  • Fixed: Scanned Serial Number is being logged to console.
  • Fixed: If User’s AddressBook entry has missing name values “(null)” gets inserted.
  • Fixed: Improved error handling around AddressBook lookups.
  • Fixed: Improved error handling to library migration.