LicenseKeeper 1.3.2 Released

LicenseKeeper 1.3.2 adds drag and drop application import to the LicenseKeeper dock icon, adds several new formats to the Serial Number Scanner, and fixes a few minor issues.

This is a free update for all registered LicenseKeeper customers. Check for Updates inside LicenseKeeper or download it directly.

Release Notes

  • New: Import Applications by dragging to LicenseKeeper dock icon, even when not running.
  • New: Attach/Import toolbar buttons now have + badge.
  • Fixed: Serial Number Scanning SpeedDownload.
  • Fixed: Serial Number Scanning DiskWarrior.
  • Fixed: Serial Number Scanning Changes.
  • Fixed: Serial Number Scanning codes containing forward slash.
  • Fixed: Status bar redraw bug.
  • Fixed: Send Feedback now includes LicenseKeeper version in subject.



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