LicenseKeeper 1.4 Released

LicenseKeeper 1.4 was released this morning (followed shortly after by 1.4.1).

LicenseKeeper 1.4 is a free update and recommended for all users. This new version adds new ways to import your existing data. Import from tab-delimited and comma-separated text files or your Yojimbo library.

New in LicenseKeeper 1.4

1. Import Serial Numbers from Text Files
LicenseKeeper will now import registration data from spreadsheet compatible text files in the common Tab Delimited and Comma Separated formats.

2. Import Serial Number Records from Yojimbo
LicenseKeeper will copy data directly from your Yojimbo library and automatically add software icons and other related information.

3. New Serial Number Scanner formats
LicenseKeeper’s Serial Number Scanner now recognizes even more registration email and serial number formats.

4. Improvements to the Data Export User Interface
LicenseKeeper remembers settings from your last export.

5. And More
Version 1.4 improves LicenseKeeper in several ways including user interface tweaks and bug fixes.



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