LicenseKeeper 1.4.2 Released

LicenseKeeper 1.4.2 is now available. Use “Check for Updates” under the main menu or download directly. This is a free update and is recommended for all users.

LicenseKeeper now sports a new optional toolbar button for a one-click refresh of all applications’ versions and icons.

In addition to the copy serial number to clipboard shortcut (changed to Command-Shift-K), you can now also copy the registered name (Command-Shift-L) and email (Command-Shift-M) to the clipboard.

Due to popular request, there’s now a “Reveal App in Finder” item under the Product menu and in the contextual popup menu.

The email scanner has been updated to correctly detect serial numbers for Sandvox, Twitterrific, and VideoDrive.

Several small interface bugs have been fixed along with some memory leaks (thanks to LLVM Clang Static Scanner).

See the LicenseKeeper 1.4.2 Release Notes for further details.