Bullfrog Touch 1.2 Adds New Point Bonuses and Sound Effects

Bullfrog Touch 1.2 is now available in the App Store.

This update introduces a new double point bonus when you successfully chomp more than one bug in a tongue attack. This adds some nice skill-based depth to the game.

Also, I added a new animation for earn a time bonus by chomping a hard to catch bee.

New sound effects have also been added to help enrich the gaming experience.

I also went through the user interface and polished it up a bit — fixed some menu navigation issues and added a sync high scores button. There’s now a new round completed screen with a bit of animation.

But, I didn’t just add new things to the game, but I also was able to fix some performance issues that would cause occasional frame rate loss when more than one mosquito was buzzing your frog.

This update is free to current owners. Bullfrog Touch is available in the iTunes App Store immediately and costs $1.99 (USD).



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