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  • Bullfrog Lite

    Bullfrog Lite is in the App Store. Race against the clock to defend your swamp against invading bugs. Hop and chomp your way through 3 increasingly challenging levels. Bullfrog Lite is the free version of our game Bullfrog Touch, which includes 75 levels and 13 unique maps. Give it a shot, it’s free!

  • Bullfrog Touch 1.2 Adds New Point Bonuses and Sound Effects

    Bullfrog Touch 1.2 is now available in the App Store. This update introduces a new double point bonus when you successfully chomp more than one bug in a tongue attack. This adds some nice skill-based depth to the game. Also, I added a new animation for earn a time bonus by chomping a hard to…

  • Bullfrog Touch Video

    In preparation for the upcoming release of Bullfrog Touch 1.2, I thought I would share a short video of what game play is like. This is my first attempt at recording an iPhone screen, so please pardon my terrible video recording skills. [youtube]

  • Bullfrog Touch Preproduction Artwork

    Mike Rohde posted some of the design work he did for me on Bullfrog Touch. I always find it interesting to see preproduction artwork for games. Mike took the icon that Jordan Langille created and produced the Bullfrog Touch logo which you can view here: Mike also helped design the look and feel of…

  • TidBITS Names Bullfrog Touch as Top Pick for iPhone Games

    TidBITS readers voted Bullfrog Touch as one of the favorite iPhone Games for their 2008 Gift Guide. The top three vote-getters were Bullfrog Touch, Scrabble from Electronic Arts, and MotionX Poker Thanks to everyone who voted.

  • TidBITS Gift Guide 2008 Survey

    Bullfrog Touch is in the running for Best iPhone Game for the upcoming TidBITS Gift Guide 2008. You can help decide what makes it into this year’s guide by placing your vote. But hurry, the deadline is December 5.

  • Bullfrog Touch Corrupted Graphics

    Bullfrog Touch 1.1 was finally pushed out to the App Store by Apple yesterday (Monday October 13). We were very excited to finally get this version out. Unfortunately, the game made it all the way through the review process with a corrupt graphics file. I uploaded a new version to the App Store this morning…

  • Bullfrog 2, Where art thou?

    Back in May of 2007, I announced that Bullfrog 2 development had begun. The game engine was to be entirely rewritten to accelerate graphics by using OpenGL and to add many of the game play features I always felt were missing from the original Bullfrog. Then in September, I shared with you a short movie…

  • Introducing Bullfrog Touch for iPhone

    Outer Level is pleased to introduce our first iPhone and iPod Touch game, Bullfrog Touch. Classic arcade action comes to your iPhone or iPod Touch, but with a twist. Tilt, flick, and touch your way through 50 challenging levels to earn your spot atop the online global rankings. Race against the clock to eat six…

  • What does a deadline look like?

    What does crunch time only three days before the submission deadline for Apple’s iPhone AppStore look like? And with that, I need more coffee. Update (July 6, 2008): As per request, the visible apps running on the large display include Photoshop,, and Xcode. The front-most windows belong to a custom map and level designer…