Bullfrog Touch Preproduction Artwork

Mike Rohde posted some of the design work he did for me on Bullfrog Touch. I always find it interesting to see preproduction artwork for games.

Mike took the icon that Jordan Langille created and produced the Bullfrog Touch logo which you can view here:


Mike also helped design the look and feel of the high scores list by creating some concept art that we then modeled the final interface on. You can see Mike’s original artwork here:


For comparison, here’s how the final high scores screen turned out:

Update (Dec. 20, 2008): Mike posted a more detailed write up on the process: Bullfrog Touch Logo & iPhone UI Design



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One response to “Bullfrog Touch Preproduction Artwork”

  1. Dan Avatar

    I like the color of the ones you chose, but I think the sizes and uniformity of the original design was better.