Category: User Interface Design

  • Removing Features

    Lukas Mathis on Removing Features. I especially like this bit: You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Sometimes, you have to make a few people really unhappy in order to make everyone else a little bit happier. Don’t let angry customers dictate your application design – the application isn’t as important […]

  • Bullfrog Touch Preproduction Artwork

    Mike Rohde posted some of the design work he did for me on Bullfrog Touch. I always find it interesting to see preproduction artwork for games. Mike took the icon that Jordan Langille created and produced the Bullfrog Touch logo which you can view here: Mike also helped design the look and feel of […]

  • Resolution Independent Buttons

    Sean Patrick O’Brien shares his approach and sample code for creating attractive resolution independent controls in Cocoa. I, like most developers, love shiny new user interfaces. Rounded corners, gradients, drop shadows, custom drawing — all of these things make me smile. Sean takes us through his steps for prototyping his controls in Photoshop to get […]

  • User Interface Design

    Exciting things are happening at the Outer Level development labs (my desk) these days. With the recent releases of Apple’s two latest platforms, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and the iPhone SDK, I’ve been very busy learning the latest development tools and working with the newest APIs. Things are happening very fast in the technology […]