Bullfrog 2, Where art thou?

Back in May of 2007, I announced that Bullfrog 2 development had begun. The game engine was to be entirely rewritten to accelerate graphics by using OpenGL and to add many of the game play features I always felt were missing from the original Bullfrog.

Then in September, I shared with you a short movie showing a very early version of the new game engine. This was all targeting the Mac, just like the original.

While I was very excited about the project, Marcus and I were quite busy with other projects and development was slow. But, just as our schedules began to open up a bit, Apple announced that they were allowing third party developers to write software for their new iPhone.

I guess timing is everything. Within hours of the announcement, we had decided to change directions and target the iPhone and attack the world of mobile gaming.

After more than a year since the original announcement and four months of intense development on a brand new and very exciting platform, the original vision was released.

Bullfrog Touch sports a fast graphics engine, accelerometer-based controls, beautiful scrolling maps, animated water, obstacles, and my personal favorite lily pads.

But, the most exciting part of this whole journey is the huge list of ideas we generated while working on this project. The iPhone and iPod Touch platform is an extremely powerful environment for all kinds of software. The ability to take your iPhone anywhere you go and have the full power of OS X under the hood is sure to lead to some great things.



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One response to “Bullfrog 2, Where art thou?”

  1. Gaming Diva Avatar

    That’s great news! I recently purchased an iPod touch I’ll definitely check it out!

    I really liked the original Bullfrog.