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  • Bullfrog 2, Where art thou?

    Back in May of 2007, I announced that Bullfrog 2 development had begun. The game engine was to be entirely rewritten to accelerate graphics by using OpenGL and to add many of the game play features I always felt were missing from the original Bullfrog. Then in September, I shared with you a short movie […]

  • Bullfrog Game Design: Dynamic Bugs

    Developing software is an interesting process. There are times where I work very hard with little to show for it for several days. Then there are those days where I can knock out a ton of tasks on my “To Do” list with little effort. Usually, one state directly follows the other. I recently spent […]

  • Bullfrog 2 Blogging

    My Bullfrog 2 development partner, Marcus Zarra has started writing for the InformIT Blogs site and has published his first post, Starting over is hard to do. Marcus plans to share his side of the Bullfrog 2 development experience. If you are following along here, you may might want to head on over and follow […]

  • Bullfrog 2 Teaser Screencast

    Marcus and I have been working hard on Bullfrog 2. There are many technical hurdles we’ve been navigating through, but it’s been fun so far. We promised to keep you up to date with progress and discuss the technical challenges we’ve encountered. So far the challenges have been all due to our lack of experience […]

  • Bullfrog 2 Update

    I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last Bullfrog 2 post. Unfortunately, development has gone a bit slower than originally anticipated due to work on other projects. Leopard Over the past few days I’ve been moving code from the old Bullfrog game engine to a new Xcode 3 project for full-bore development to […]

  • OpenGL Bullfrog

    Finally had some time today to toy around with some OpenGL programming. One of the first architectural changes we’re going to tackle in Bullfrog 2 is to move all the graphics engine code to use OpenGL instead of Cocoa. I created a new Xcode project to house our experimental code while we find our way […]

  • Bullfrog 2

    Bullfrog exceeded all my expectations. Even though it was only supposed to be a learning project and was developed with a tiny budget, downloads have been non-stop since it made its way on to the big Mac download websites. Watching as the high scores have gotten higher and higher over time and reading all the […]