Bullfrog 2 Teaser Screencast

Marcus and I have been working hard on Bullfrog 2. There are many technical hurdles we’ve been navigating through, but it’s been fun so far.

We promised to keep you up to date with progress and discuss the technical challenges we’ve encountered. So far the challenges have been all due to our lack of experience in the new technologies we’ve chosen to use.

Open GL has been a bit of a change from drawing in Cocoa, but once I worked out the “little” problems getting the code to work on multiple graphics cards it’s been mostly smooth sailing.

The biggest challenge has been getting up to speed with the new Leopard technologies. We really want to write about this stuff, but can’t yet because of the NDA we’ve agreed to with Apple. Hopefully, we’ll get to talk about that stuff soon.

But, to show that we are making progress here is a short thirty second movie of our little green hero hopping around a small test level.

Keep in mind this is uses very rudimentary developer artwork I created just to test the screen scrolling and background tiling code. But, it does give a small peak into the direction we’re taking Bullfrog 2.

Bullfrog 2 Teaser



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