LicenseKeeper 1.4.6

LicenseKeeper 1.4.6 is out.

Use “Check for Updates” under the main LicenseKeeper menu or download it directly from here.

This is a critical free update that fixes several rare crashes and a data loss bug. It also cleans up several user interface issues, including undo for the Notes field.

  • Rare crash when importing or exporting applications and documents
  • Rare crash when logging an error condition
  • Hang when checking LicenseKeeper license while importing several apps during an auto-save cycle
  • Missing attachments due to auto-save starting before data is fully initialized
  • Drag & Drop export of attachments
  • Drag & Drop import of attachments from Eagle Filer
  • Undo for Notes field
  • Confusing error message when attaching license file
  • Support for more viewable text attachments
  • Export from attachments contextual menu
  • Help on scanning serial numbers
  • Attachments contextual menu wording



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